The Trail Went Cold – Episode 177 – David Lewis

January 31, 1993. Amarillo, Texas. The wife and daughter of 39-year old David Lewis return home from a weekend trip and discover that David is not at the house and has left his watch and wedding ring behind. David’s abandoned car is soon discovered in the downtown area with his identification and many other personal items inside, but even though investigators turn up a series of bizarre clues, including a pair of plane tickets purchased under David’s name, they are unable to find him. Eleven years later, David is positively identified as a John Doe who was fatally struck by a vehicle on a highway in Yakima County, Washington just over 24 hours after he originally went missing. But how and why did David wind up nearly 1,600 miles from his home? Did he travel there voluntarily or was he abducted? Was David’s death a random hit-and-run accident, an elaborate suicide, or an intentional homicide? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” explores the truly bizarre unexplained death of David Lewis, one of the most baffling mysteries we’ve ever covered.

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