The Trail Went Cold – Episode 86 – Michael Dunahee & Casey Bohun

March 24, 1991. Victoria, British Columbia. Four-year old Michael Dunahee accompanies his family to a football game at a local elementary school and after they park their car, Michael asks if he can go to a nearby playground. Within minutes, Michael’s parents notice that he is not at the playground and has vanished without a trace, leading to speculation that he was abducted during a very narrow timeframe. Over the next two decades, there would be reported sightings of Michael, the surprising discovery of his missing poster in a deceased individual’s home, and a couple of young adults who were briefly suspected of being Michael himself, but he is never found.

August 5, 1989. North Delta, British Columbia. After spending the night in the same bedroom as her baby sister, three-year old Casey Bohun vanishes without explanation from her home. Casey is last seen playing on the front porch by a neighbour and police dogs are able to track her scent down the street to a nearby park, but there is no sign of the missing child. Casey’s family would suffer a number of personal tragedies in subsequent years, but there are still no answers about what actually happened to her.

This week, we will be presenting a special double feature episode of “The Trail Went Cold” about two unsolved missing children’s cases from Western Canada. Special thanks to one of our listeners, Julie, for providing the opening narration on today’s episode.

Additional Reading:

“Vanished: The Michael Dunahee Story” by Valerie Green

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