The Trail Went Cold – Episode 69 – Jacqueline Levitz

November 18, 1995. Vicksburg, Mississippi. 62-year old Jacqueline Levitz, the wealthy widowed heiress to a furniture empire, vanishes from her home. Two days later, blood stains and evidence of a violent struggle are discovered inside her bedroom, creating the impression that Jacqueline met with foul play. Over the years, numerous suspects would be investigated, including members of Jacqueline’s family, her recently deceased husband’s family, workmen from a construction crew remodelling her home, and a mother-and-son con artist duo who would be convicted of the murder of another wealthy missing woman years later. However, no has ever been linked to Jacqueline Levitz’s unsolved disappearance, so this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” will explore all the different theories of what might have happened.

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