The Trail Went Cold – Bonus Episode – CrimeConVersations with Generation Why & The Trail Went Cold

CrimeConVersations is a brand-new true crime podcast brought to you by CrimeCon UK. As part of the lead-up to CrimeCon UK in London, Crimecon UK is bringing two true crime podcasts together to find out more about their fascination with true crime. Each episode will explore subjects such as how they got involved in true crime, the cases that have stuck in their mind and the process behind their podcast. On this particular episode, Robin Warder from “The Trail Went Cold” and Aaron from “Generation Why” will not only be talking about these subjects, but will also have an in-depth discussion about the murder of 11-year old Holly Staker, who was murdered in Waukegan, Illinois on August 17, 1992. A suspect named Juan Rivera was charged with the murder and spent 19 years in prison for the crime, but this case would turn out to be one of the most outrageous wrongful convictions you will ever hear about.

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