The Trail Went Cold – Episode 52 – Patricia Meehan & Morris Davis

April 20, 1989. Circle, Montana. While driving on the wrong side of a rural highway, 37-year old Patricia Meehan gets into a collision with another car. After staring blankly at the vehicle’s driver, Patricia walks out onto the prairie and disappears. During the next few months, there would be numerous sightings of a disoriented-woman resembling Patricia. This leads to speculation that the trauma of the car crash caused Patricia to develop amnesia and forget who she was, but she is ultimately never found.

April 5, 1985. Great Falls, Montana. After an order is placed to a pizza parlour from a residential house, 23-year old driver Morris Davis delivers the pizza to that address. Morris is fatally shot eight times and his delivery wallet is stolen. It would turn out the house was vacant and that the killer had broken inside to wait for Morris to arrive. The case would feature some odd twists and turns, including an unlikely series of events involving the potential murder weapon, but the identity of Morris’ killer remains unknown.

For this year’s final episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we will be doing a special double feature and chronicling two cold cases from Montana which were featured on “Unsolved Mysteries”.

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