The Trail Went Cold – Bonus Episode – New Year New Binge

The New Year’s holiday is a celebration of new beginnings. With that in mind, we know this collaboration will introduce you to several amazing new true-crime podcasts (including “The Trail Went Cold”) that will quickly become your newest true-crime binges as we enter 2024 because, let’s face it, we know that’s exactly what you needed! With tons of episodes each, investigative curiosity, and a focus on advocacy, these podcasts will live up to the theme of our collaboration (“New Year, New Binge”) because you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with the podcasters included in these episodes. So, sit back, grab your detective caps, and let’s get this party started! Be sure to follow all of the podcasts you enjoyed so you never miss a new episode. Podcasts are listed below in the order in which you will be introduced to them:


Sirens: A Southern True Crime Podcast

Private Dicks Podcast

Morning Cup of Murder

Persons Unknown

Fresh Hell Podcast

Stories With Sapphire

Travel and True Crime

Excuse Me, That’s Illegal

A Nefarious Nightmare

The Trail Went Cold

Coffee and Cases Podcast

Teachers Talk Crime

True Crime Creepers