The Trail Went Cold – Episode 353 – The Chen Family Murders

October 8, 2014. Guilderland, New York. The bodies of a Chinese immigrant family – 39-year old Jin Feng Chen, his 38-year old wife Hai Yan Li, and their two sons, 10-year old Anthony and 7-year old Eddy – are found inside their bungalow and they have been stabbed and bludgeoned to death. While Jin Feng worked at a local Chinese restaurant, rumours circulate that he may have been involved in illegal activity, such as the trafficking of undocumented workers, and this led to his family being killed. However, these rumours are never substantiated, so the motive for the crime and the identity of the perpetrator is never determined. On this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we explore the Chen family murders, a brutal crime involving four victims in which there has been a surprisingly low number of strong leads.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the New York State Police, Troop G, Major Crimes at (518) 783-3212

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