The Trail Went Cold – Episode 346 – Linda Kerr

February 18, 1976. Orlando, Florida. 15-year old Linda Kerr leaves her home in order to walk to her boyfriend’s residence, but she never arrives and is subsequently reported missing. Investigators look into the possibility that Linda may have left the area with a biker gang and become an exotic dancer in another city, but this is never officially confirmed. Seven years later, one of Linda’s brothers, Keith Kerr, is charged with murdering his sister-in-law, Carol Kerr, but while there is suspicion that Keith could have also harmed Linda, no evidence is found to implicate him. On this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we cover a puzzling missing persons case which has gone unsolved for over 47 years. In addition, we will be profiling three other cold cases involving teenage girls which took place in Orlando in 1976: the disappearance of 14-year old Mabel Andrews, the death of 14-year old Nancy Grace Daniel, and the death of an unidentified decedent known only as the “Orlando Jane Doe”.

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