The Trail Went Cold – Episode 256 – Mary Elizabeth Edens

Christmas Eve 1924. Babbs Switch, Oklahoma. A fire breaks out at a Christmas party taking place at a schoolhouse and claims the lives of 36 people. The remains of one of the presumed victims, three-year old Mary Elizabeth Edens, cannot be found and since Mary’s aunt recalls handing the child to an unknown person, her family believes Mary might have been abducted. Over 32 years later, evidence is found to suggest that a California woman named Grace Reynolds might be Mary and she winds up having a reunion with the Edens family. However, in 1999, it is revealed that additional evidence was uncovered to indicate that Grace was not actually Mary after all, so the actual fate of the missing child remains unknown. For this year’s final holiday-themed episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we will be exploring a tragic Christmas Eve mystery that has gone from unsolved to solved to back unsolved again over the course of a century. Special thanks to listener Katie Stanko for narrating the opening of this episode.

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