The Trail Went Cold – Episode 254 – Derrick Engebretson & Kurt Newton

December 5, 1998. Klamath County, Oregon. Eight-year old Derrick Engebretson travels to Winema National Forest with his father and grandfather in order to get a Christmas tree, but winds up becoming separated from them. An extensive search effort fails to find Derrick, though an eyewitness reports having seen a boy matching Derrick’s description struggling with an unidentified man near the road. Years later, a convicted child predator named Frank Milligan confesses to Derrick’s murder, but he fails to lead authorities to his body and soon recants his confession, so Derrick remains a missing person.

August 31, 1975. Chain of Ponds, Maine. While on a camping trip with his family at the Natanis Point Campground, four-year old Kurt Newton sees his father driving away from the campsite to go chop some firewood and decides to follow him on his tricycle. A short time later, Kurt’s abandoned tricycle is found eight-tenths of a mile away next to a dumpsite, but Kurt himself has disappeared and an extensive search fails to turn up any trace of the boy. Since the campground is located only six miles from the United States-Canada border, Kurt’s family fears that he may have been abducted and taken into Quebec, but there is no evidence to indicate what happened.

On this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we cover a pair of unsolved cold cases involving young boys who vanished without a trace in the wilderness.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Derrick Engebretson, please contact the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office at (541) 883-5130. If you have any information on the disappearance of Kurt Newton, please contact the Maine State Police at (207) 289-2155.

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