The Trail Went Cold – Episode 205 – Larry Griffin

Christmas Day 1929. Stradbally, Ireland. After completing his holiday route, 49-year old postman Larry Griffin fails to return home and his bicycle is found on a road outside the village the following morning. Once a missing persons investigation is launched, rumours start circulating that Larry was killed after an incident at a local pub and a massive cover-up took place. Ten people are eventually charged for their alleged roles in Larry’s death, but his body cannot be found and the key eyewitness changes his story, the charges against the ten defendants are withdrawn. Was Larry Griffin’s disappearance the result of a vast conspiracy to conceal the truth about what happened? On this year’s final holiday-themed episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we will explore the saga of “The Missing Postman of Stradbally”, one of the most convoluted unsolved mysteries in the history of Ireland. Special thanks to listener Bailey Meeker for providing the opening narration on our episode.

Additional Reading:

“The Missing Postman: What Really Happened to Larry Griffin?” by Fachtna O Drisceoil

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