The Trail Went Cold – Episode 181 – Tamra Keepness

July 5, 2004. Regina, Saskatchewan. Five-year old Tamra Keepness heads for bed while her mother, Lorena Keepness, goes out drinking, leaving Tamra and her five siblings alone at their house. Lorena eventually returns home, but when she wakes up later that morning, she discovers that Tamra is missing. Since Tamra lives in a dysfunctional home alongside adults who have substance abuse issues and a history of troubles with the law, there is suspicion that they might know more about her disappearance than they’re saying. Ten years later, an anonymous Reddit user posts a photo of a hand-drawn map for Tamra’s alleged burial location, but an investigation turns up nothing and no trace of Tamra is ever found. Was Tamra Keepness the victim of an abduction, or was someone in her household responsible for her disappearance? On this week’s special Canada Day edition of “The Trail Went Cold”, we explore a tragic unsolved case from our host country involving a missing Indigenous child.

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