The Trail Went Cold – Episode 175 – Mary Agnes Gross

June 12, 1962. Worthington, Minnesota. 20-year old Marlys Gross gives birth to a baby daughter named Mary Agnes, but is told by the hospital staff that the child died shortly after she was born. Mary Agnes is given a funeral and buried in a grave, but months later, Marlys is mailed a photograph of an unidentified family holding a baby whom she believes is her daughter. Over the next three decades, Marlys would discover a number of suspicious discrepancies to make her believe that Mary Agnes is still alive, so she petitions to have her gravesite exhumed in 1996. While skeletal remains of a deceased child are found, DNA testing reveals that they do not belong to Mary Agnes. Did the hospital orchestrate a cover-up in order to perform a black-market adoption and sell Mary Agnes to another family? If so, then whose remains were buried in Mary Agnes’ grave? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” explores a very bizarre and complicated mystery about the disappearance of a newborn infant.

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