The Trail Went Cold – Episode 168 – Don “Rainboy” Decker

February 24, 1983. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. After receiving a temporary furlough from the county jail, 21-year old Don Decker attends his grandfather’s funeral and goes to stay at a friend’s house. It isn’t long before Don appears to go into a trance and water starts materializing from the house’s walls, ceiling and floor. Over the course of the next several days, Don seemingly has the ability to make water appear at different locations, including a pizza parlour and the county jail, and numerous eyewitnesses report seeing strange supernatural events which make them believe that Don is possessed by an evil spirit. The indoor rain finally comes to an end after a meeting between Don and a reverend, but everyone is left completely baffled. Did Don Decker really have the ability to control water with his mind, or was the whole thing nothing more than an elaborate hoax and an example of hysterical social delusion? After 168 full-length episodes and 32 minisodes, our podcast has finally reached its 200th episode and to commemorate the occasion, we are doing something a little different from the norm and chronicling the bizarre saga of Don “Rainboy” Decker, a paranormal-themed mystery of which there is no easy explanation.

Additional Reading:

“American Hauntings: The True Stories Behind Hollywood’s Scariest Movies” by Robert E. Bartholomew and Joe Nickell

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The Trail Went Cold is produced and edited by Magill Foote.

All music is composed by Vince Nitro.