The Trail Went Cold – Episode 140 – Michele Harris

September 11, 2001. Tioga County, New York. 35-year old Michele Harris finishes her evening shift at her workplace, but never returns home. The following morning, Michele’s abandoned minivan is discovered on a road next to the driveway of her family’s rural property. Suspicion turns towards Michele’s estranged husband, Cal Harris, as the couple are in the midst of a heated divorce and tiny specks of blood are soon found inside their residence. Years later, Cal is charged with Michele’s murder and found guilty, but the case would undergo four trials and two overturned convictions while the defence points the finger at alternate suspects. Cal is finally acquitted of the crime in 2016, but Michele’s body is never found. Was Cal Harris actually responsible for his wife’s disappearance, or did someone else murder Michele? This week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” is one of the most convoluted cases we’ve ever covered, chronicling a disappearance which just happened to take place only 200 miles from New York City on one of the most infamous dates in history.

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