The Trail Went Cold – Episode 130 – Tara Breckenridge

August 4, 1992. Houston, Texas. While working her shift as a waitress at a strip club, 23-year old Tara Breckenridge volunteers to go home early. Tara leaves at around 12:30 AM, but when she fails to return to her apartment by morning, Tara’s boyfriend, Wayne Hecker, goes searching for her. Wayne soon discovers Tara’s abandoned car next to a freeway and the vehicle’s alternator belt is missing. Wayne becomes a potential suspect, as his relationship with Tara was troubled and he has a shaky alibi during the approximate time period Tara went missing, but there is no evidence implicate anyone. Was Wayne actually responsible for Tara’s disappearance? Or could she have been victimized by one of her patrons at the strip club? We shall explore all the different theories, as we cover a baffling missing persons case on this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”. Special thanks to listener Cheryl Weldon for providing the opening narration for this episode.

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