The Trail Went Cold – Episode 114 – Henry Baltimore Jr. and Oliver Munson

May 30, 1973. East Lansing, Michigan. The sister of 21-year old university student Henry Baltimore Jr. goes to meet him at his apartment, but discovers he is not there and eventually reports him missing. Nearly three months earlier, a pair of attackers had broken into Henry’s apartment to assault and rob him and police arrested a suspect named Roy Davis. After Henry testified against Davis at his preliminary hearing, Davis allegedly threatened him and Henry would go missing two days before Davis’ arraignment.

February 13, 1984. Catonsville, Maryland. 39-year old teacher Oliver Munson leaves his home to drive to school, but never arrives. Oliver’s abandoned car is soon discovered a few blocks away and two weeks later, a stolen vehicle is found containing evidence which suggests that Oliver was murdered. One year earlier, Oliver had unknowingly purchased a stolen car from a career criminal named Dennis Watson. After Watson was arrested, Oliver was called upon to testify as a witness against him and his disappearance took place only three days before Watson’s trial.

This week, we will be presenting a special double feature episode of “The Trail Went Cold” about two unsolved missing persons cases where the victim vanished shortly before they were scheduled to testify in a criminal case. Special thanks to listener Ryan Eichenfeldt for providing the opening narration on today’s episode.

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