The Trail Went Cold – Episode 113 – The Cowden Family Murders

September 1, 1974. Jackson County, Oregon. 28-year old Richard Cowden, his 22-year old wife Belinda Cowden, and their two children, five-year old David and five-month old Melissa, are in the midst of a camping trip when they inexplicably vanish from their campsite near Carberry Creek, leaving all their possessions behind. Seven months later, the entire family’s remains are found at a remote location seven miles away and it turns out they were the victims of foul play. Investigators discover that a recently paroled murderer named Dwain Lee Little was living in the area at that time and even though there is not enough evidence to implicate him, he eventually goes back to prison for another violent crime. Was Dwain Lee Little responsible for the Cowden family murders? We explore that question on this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, which features one of the most disturbing unsolved crimes we have ever covered.

Additional Reading:

“But I Trusted You: Ann Rule’s Crime Files #14” by Ann Rule

The Bulletin (September 3, 1990)

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